Why Full Planning Companies Prefer Full Planning Clients - NOT Day-of Clients

Updated: Mar 13

The reasons are quite simple... and they are the same reasons why when I built Wedding Day Girl here in Austin - we only focus on Day-of Coordination Clients so we can focus on giving our couples preferred treatment. Now I will disclaim this right off the bat, not all wedding planning companies are the way I describe below - I am not trying to start a industry war with my honesty. However, I come from REAL experience in the wedding industry, being that my first company I sold was solely a wedding planning and designing company that grew from a small full planning company to the largest full planning company in the state.

1. Wedding Planning for Full Planning or Partial Planning is a creative business. Most Planners these days get into the business because you get to be a part of "CREATING" and making magical things happen. With a full planning client - you truly get to create and design their entire wedding from start to finish - developing the design and watching it come to life is one of the more gratifying things about being a Wedding Planner. Wedding Planning companies and those that work for those companies, especially larger ones make it part of their business model that whatever wedding clients they take on, it must compliment their work portfolio, their company name, their reputation and really what the planner's ability is - they want to showcase their work. That's a fair and honest statement - most businesses want to uphold their reputation.

Day-of clients depending on the client's style and vendors - may or may not fit the portfolio of the wedding planner they are trying to hire. So they either get denied, or they get moved down the ladder to a wedding planner within the company possibly with less design experience, less actual wedding experience, and/or even someone training or part-time.

At Wedding Day Girl - couple's don't have to worry that they aren't getting preferred treatment. With design backgrounds, we get our creative fix by helping evolve the couples's wedding concept in a short amount of time. This goes for setup clients as well - we aren't afraid to share design advice to deliver a well rounded wedding concept while we are learning about your wedding and advising on how to pull it all together.

2. Full Planning or Partial Planning clients are a more lucrative business model. Wedding Planners can really hit the jackpot when an inquiry comes through and it's a full planning client. I would be lying if I didn't say Wedding Planners didn't get excited with a "good" full planning client, they realize this could be an opportunity for them and they go the extra mile to get that client - why? Well not only because of the above, but it's much more lucrative to have a full planning wedding, than a day-of client wedding - some planners make extra money on vendors kicking back a little money for a referral along with how the Wedding Planner structure's their rate to the client - maybe your wedding is built in and they are making money off the top (we never did any of that by the way - but many of my competitors did). The Wedding Planner has the gratification of creating something magical from start to finish along with the fiscal gratification, and right there you have been bumped up the priority list. If your wedding budget is healthy, this is even better for the planner because they have more financial freedoms to design, they can pick all of their A+ vendors, and they are going to make more money from this type of wedding - even down the road when they can showcase the wedding as part of their portfolio.

Often times Couples don't have the money to hire a Full Planning or Partial Planning Wedding Planner because their budget just won't allow for it and they are budgeting every vendor too - or maybe the couple feels confident and excited they are ready to take on the role themselves which is perfectly ok (I wrote a book to guide you if you do your wedding on your own by the way!) BUY THE BOOK HERE. Unfortunately, Full Planning or Partial Planning Wedding Planners know this - and many times they aren't willing to give up the date for a budgeted couple and budgeted vendors unless they can't fill the date.

Obviously - if you hire Wedding Day Girl - ALL the dates we fill are for Day-of or Setup/Clean-up clients. Our costs are flat, it doesn't matter if your wedding is $5000 or $3 Mill. we run the same rate - and we are transparent on our website on the cost so you will never see the cost fluctuate.

3. Full Wedding Planners or Partial Planning Wedding Planners have great vendors they prefer to work with. Wedding Planners, like the venue, have a preferred list too, vendors that know what the planners like and in turn planners know they don't have to give much direction to these vendors. This makes the day a lot easier for the Wedding Planner. This is why, if you look at the wedding tags of certain wedding planners you see the same ones over and over and over again. There is NOTHING wrong with this either - when you find a great vendor - a wedding planner will keep using them.

Couples that are going at it alone and hiring a day-of coordinator - usually hire from the venue's list, vendor referral, friend referrals, or maybe someone they have been admiring on instagram and they LOVE their photography style, floral or cake skills. Not all wedding planners love the idea of meeting new vendors, learning their style, how they work, and having to educate them on the wedding planner's way of a seamless day 4-6 weeks before the wedding. It's a lot of extra work for the wedding planner - it's A LOT of work to be a day-of coordinator (4-6 weeks out). So much so, some companies just don't offer this service anymore.

If you need vendor referrals within that 4-6 weeks, once we have an idea of what you are looking for, we will gladly give you a list of recommendations.

So with all this real and honest information given to you - you might be wondering why, after years in the industry, I would want to start a day-of coordination business vs. another Full Planning company. That's a fair question. The honest answer is simple, I wanted to fill a void I realize existed as couples hired us (my full planning company), a more simplified systemized way of planning that helps couple's getting married feel the most secure going into their wedding after all the planning and real work they have done. After I sold my old company, I realized that I really liked the challenging aspect of the 4-6 weeks - getting to know a couple, seeing all of their creativity come to life, giving them real direction, advice and helping relieve them of the wedding pressures they feel as they go into the 4-6 weeks. Some of my favorite weddings were the clients that would hire me 4-8 weeks out to plan their ENTIRE wedding. I was known as a full planner who loved to do this type of challenging work and so venue's hired my company any time they had a client having a "shot-gun experience". Day-of isn't a shotgun experience - the average wedding planning process is 10 months - but the experience I have with having done so many fast paced weddings have helped me create a method of day-of coordination that is sure to help our client's see the wedding come together before even going into the wedding day.

At our company because we ONLY focus on wedding day, you are our number 1 clients - you are given a first rate experience, because that is what you deserve.

Sometimes being honest is the only way you will trust us and know you are truly in the best hands with Wedding Day Girl!


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